I asked some top food bloggers for their suggestions and ideas about their favourite sauces for steak and the replies are brilliant.

In no particular order, here are some excellent steak sauce ideas and I encourage you to visit these blogs for more tasty recipes too.

Peppercorn Sauce

recipes and reviewsEmily from Recipes and Reviews says that she,

loves a peppercorn sauce with a fillet or rump steak, especially when it has a good quality cream base and lots of real black peppercorns.

As far as cooking a steak goes, Emily provided a useful tip too –

I always season my steak before cooking and then only turn once in the pan.

Another peppercorn sauce!

Mrs Bishops bakes and banterIt seems like the peppercorn sauce recipes are one of the most popular sauces for steak.

Lucy from Mrs Bishops Bakes and Banter Blog chose this as her favourite sauce too.

She said that,

My favourite sauce for steak is a simple homemade creamy peppercorn sauce – I love the intense pepperiness paired with the luxurious cream – it is decadent and really helps to bring out the flavour in a good rare steak (which is how I prefer to eat steak). I like to make mine using shallots, whole and some crushed peppercorns, beef stock, single cream, a splash of brandy and a little butter.

and another peppercorn sauce!

farmers wife and mummyThe bloggers obviously love their peppercorn sauces. When I asked Emma, from Farmers Wife and Mummy, she told us that she had just blogged about a pepper sauce recipe of her own and when I looked at it, I can see that it is delicious.

Emma makes the good point that pepper sauce obviously goes well with steak, but it is a great partner for pasta too! Delicious.

Blue Cheese Sauce

michelle from greedy gourmetMichelle from Greedy Gourmet has given us her own blue cheese sauce recipe to try.

This is a really tasty cheese sauce to go with a steak meal and as it is so quick and simple to make, you should give it a try!

She says that,

Blue cheese sauce is a favourite of mine because it’s a matter of heating up the cream and melting the blue cheese in it. It takes a mere minute or two to prepare and adds depths of flavour to any steak.

Steak Ideas

I asked Kavita Favelle, author of food and travel blog Kavey Eats, about her suggestions for a favourite steak meal. She said,

I’m fussy about both the steak I eat and the sauce I have with it. Favourite cuts are rib eye cooked medium, so that fat has a chance to melt and char, a medium rare sirloin or flat iron: a newer cut that removes the gristle running through the centre of feather blade. For sauce, I run more of the gamut – a good Bearnaise is hard to beat; so too a creamy peppercorn; a pat of garlic butter works well; or I sometimes combine pan juices with a little port and blue cheese.

Carnivore Connoisseur

johnny prime steaksJohnny Prime has a wealth of information about meats, beef anatomy, specific cuts and other resources on his huge steak loving website, including steakhouse reviews, restaurant reviews and product reviews. When I asked him about his views about sauces for steaks, he was very enthusiastic with his ideas,

It depends on the cut of meat. For a high quality, dry-aged rib eye, for example, I generally forego the use of sauce altogether. However if I am having something like a fire-grilled skirt steak or flank, then I really enjoy a chimichurri style sauce. The lime, garlic and cilantro really make the charred flavors pop.

For a filet mignon, I like a horseradish cream sauce, a blue cheese butter or a truffle red wine reduction. Those kinds of sauces all work to bring a little bit of funk to an otherwise uniform-tasting and sometimes boring cut of meat.

For sirloin and strip loin, sometimes a traditional steak sauce does the trick. I’ve noticed two types of steak sauces. While both utilize horseradish, one is more heavily tomato-based and red in color, like the Peter Luger brand steak sauce. The other is darker brown or black in color, like A-1, and rely more on molasses or worcestershire flavors. I tend to like the second style more, as the first style reminds me too much of shellfish cocktail sauce.

One place that I frequent pretty often, called Quality Meats, makes a very interesting steak sauce fresh at tableside for their diners. It combines a bit of both styles above, with some nice flavor flourishes along the way. They use a raisin molasses as the base with a touch of garlic tomato sauce, along with fresh herbs like large-leaf oregano and rosemary. A pinch of salt and fresh cracked black pepper finish it off. The end result is a deep red/brown velvet color with serious depth of flavor. It’s a perfect sauce for nearly any meat, whether it be chicken, beef or even shellfish like shrimp. If they bottled and sold it, I’d be a regular buyer.

Blue Cheese Sauce for Steak

helen from fuss free flavours blogHelen from the Fuss Free Flavours blog has given me a really simple and tasty sounding recipe for blue cheese sauce to go with your favourite steak.

A good steak is a treat, and I love a blue cheese sauce with it.  Whilst your steak is resting quickly sauté a finely chopped shallot, add a dollop of crème fraiche, then crumble a slice of blue cheese in.  Once the cheese has melted add a little white wine and season to taste.   Serve immediately over the steak.

Send me your own suggestions

If you have any of your own ideas for steak sauce, I would love to hear from you!

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