Red wine and steak go really well together, both as drinking companions and when cooked together. This simple recipe will demonstrate how easy it is to enjoy a fantastic sauce for steak by adding some red wine.

The quality of red wine that you use is important. You wouldn’t drink a red wine that was cheap and weak, so why cook with one? The choice of red wine is a personal one, but I would always recommend something fairly full bodied like a Shiraz, because that will greatly add to the flavour of the steak sauce.

red wine sauce for steak

The same goes for the type of steak that you use. The choice is a personal one. A fillet steak is always a nice choice, but it is expensive, so if you are cooking for a lot of people, it might not be appropriate. Sirloin steak, rump steak and ribeye steaks are all really nice with the red wine sauce too.

You will need:

Vegetable oil or butter for frying
75ml good quality red wine
100ml chicken stock or beef stock
Optional – a splash of balsamic vinegar or tomato ketchup

How to make red wine sauce for steak

Heat some vegetable oil or butter in a frying pan until is it really hot. I used to like olive oil, but I don’t use it for steak any more, because it don’t think that it gets hot enough.

When the oil is hot, place your steak into the pan and cook for about 2 minutes on each side for rare, 4 minutes on each side for medium and 6 minutes on each side for well done. Turn down the heat a bit after the first 4-6 minutes to make sure that the outside of the steak doesn’t get burned.

Then you can set your steak aside on a warm plate to rest while you make the sauce. This is an important step, because letting the steak rest means that the muscles can relax and the meat will taste much more tender and juicy. Resting meat after cooking is really important whenever you make any meat dish.

red wine sauce

While the steak is resting, Pour half a glass of red wine into the pan and let it bubble up until it becomes thick and syrupy. Then add about 100ml of beef or chicken stock (made with a stock cube is fine, but if you can make your own stock in advance that is always going to taste even better). Keep simmering until the sauce has reduced down to your liking. Add some salt and pepper and any juices which have run from the resting steak. You could even add a drop of balsamic vinegar or ketchup if you like. This will add a nice, distinctive flavour to the sauce.

When the sauce has thickened and appears like a red wine jus (about 5 minutes or so), it is ready for you to pour the sauce over the steak and enjoy your meal.

red wine jus

Like with any of our steak recipes, I recommend that fries and rocket salad would be good accompaniments. A fried tomato or some fried mushrooms would go nicely too.

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