This is a very simple recipe to make cheese sauce for steak. Cheese always goes well with beef, which is why cheeseburgers are so popular over the world! The cheese sauce recipe that I have here is very simple to make and it tastes great with any type of steak.

You will need:

Oil or butter for frying
100g cheese
100g butter
tablespoon of chives

You can experiment with the sauce by using any type of cheese that you enjoy – it is great with cheddar, blue cheese or any think else that you like. As long as you can melt the cheese, it will work nicely.

cheese sauce for steak recipe

Same goes for the steak. You can use any cut that you like, but for some reason, I always like cheese with my rump steak.

How to make cheese sauce for steak

Fry the steak in a hot pan with vegetable oil or butter. It takes 2 minutes each side for rare, 4 minutes each side for medium and 6 minutes each side for well done. Then it is important that you set the meat to one side on a hot plate and allow it to rest for 5 minutes so that the muscles can relax and the steak will be much more tender afterwards.

This resting period gives you the time to make the cheese sauce.

Simply place 100g of butter, 100g of your chosen cheese and (optional) a tablespoon of chives into a pan and warm over a low heat. Simmer the combination for about 3 minutes until everything has combined together and is the consistency of a nice, thick, cheesy sauce and then pour immediately over your steak.

steak with a cheese sauce

This meal would go nicely with fries and some rocket salad or some fried tomatoes.
This sauce for steak can also be used with other meals like fish, chicken or burgers. I have been known to put chopped bacon into the cheese sauce and then eat it with pasta, making a lovely and very simple but filling meal.

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